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Aurelius Jewelry

How to choose wedding rings?

You are about to get married but you have no idea of ​​the wedding rings of your dreams? Since these rings will represent the love you have and your union, it is important to choose them well. Choose according to your profession

Perfect Gifts Every Lady Needs This Christmas

Perfect Gifts Every Lady Needs This Christmas   Halloween is over and as we get closer and closer to the month of December, you may have started to think about getting started on your Christmas present shopping. If you have a
Wedding Videographer

5 tips to hire a wedding Videographer

This time I bring you an article that talks about the 5 fundamental tips to hire the video of your wedding. Although it is not something that I dedicate myself personally, my vision as a wedding photographer can help you when making a decision
Photographer For Your Wedding

7 tips for hiring the photographer for your wedding

Choosing the Wedding photographer Ireland for your wedding is one of the most important decisions that you are going to have to make, since it is one of the best memories that you will have of that day. So I am going to
Home Look Cosy This Christmas

Make Your Home Look Cosy This Christmas

A roaring open fire, a huge tree adorned with beautiful decorations, and a garland artistically strewn above the fireplace. The smell of home-baked mince pies fills the air and the snowflakes dance past the window. We each have our own image
Wedding Gift List

Tips to prepare a wedding registry

If you want to avoid receiving four crystal carafes and six coffee services, it’s best way to create a wedding registry. And today it is really possible to imagine a list that looks like you. With the help of cash gift registry, today I share what
Wedding Memorable

How to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Every couple wants to have a memorable wedding. Something that their guests will talk about for a long time and maybe use it as a benchmark for other weddings. For your wedding to be special, you need to take a unique
wedding photographer  

10 tips to hire your wedding photographer  

The photos of your wedding will be the most vivid memory that you will have of your great day so it is important that you hire a good professional. If you do not know how to choose it, take note of these
Wedding Photography

The importance of hiring a professional wedding photographer

For those who plan a wedding, often, it can be difficult to remember everything that needs to be organized. However, a detail that should not be overlooked, is photography. While many may be tempted to try to avoid the price of wedding photographers by


A wedding is a unique experience that should be remembered forever. But the memory is not faultless. The best memories can best be immortalized as photos. Since you should be aware that you have only one chance for each unasked photo, you should hire
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